The Beach Boys Band is a tribute show that performs 100% LIVE the fantastic hits of the original Beach Boys, including God Only Knows – Good Vibrations – Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Surfin’ USA – I Get Around – California Girls – Fun Fun Fun and many more.


Based in the South West and touring the UK, The Beach Boys Band is available for bookings to Europe and beyond, providing a fun packed show of musical excellence, outstanding vocals and colourful costume, that come together in a stunning 100% live performance


To create a truly believable and memorable tribute act, both vocal and instrumental sounds must be replicated to the finest detail. It is this attention to detail, that have made The Beach Boys Band the popular attraction they are today.


From the early songs of surf and sports cars to the more sophisticated sounds of recording projects like Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys’ music was the soundtrack to a whole generation of young people, not just in the United States but worldwide. The five members of The Beach Boys Band all share a passion for Beach Boys music, enjoying material, both from the early sixties and the later years. Delivering the songs that everyone knows and loves, from the finesse and sheer beauty of God Only Knows to the pulsating masterpiece Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys Band deliver a live performance that reflects both their enthusiasm for their work and mastery of a genre of music that is generally accepted as being both complicated and difficult to perform live.

Wouldn't It Be Nice to Get Around where the Vibrations are Good and The Surfer Girls are from California?

So, with the Help of Rhonda and Barbara Ann, enjoy a night of Fun Fun Fun  Surfin' the USA!

With The Beach Boys Band

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The Roadhouse, Birmingham 9th January 2016 feedback from audience:

"Fantastic tribute act. Danced from beginning to end of show " (Brenda)

"Good night, as always. The Beach Boys Band were very entertaining and we will definitely come and see them again" (Frances)

"An absolutely brilliant night at the beach boys! I've been coming to the road house since it opened and it was great to see a 'different' band booked and it introduced a new crowd to the club!!

Great atmosphere... outstanding band! PLEASE book them again!

Kind regards, Kim Perry"

"Brilliant show, Would be good to get these back" (Zoe - owner of The Roadhouse!)

Barrington Theatre Ferndown 20150116 - 4s Barrington Theatre Ferndown 20150116 - 2s Barrington Theatre Ferndown 20150116 - 3s

Barrington Theatre, Ferndown, Dorset, UK Saturday 16 January

Review by Janine Pulford


Seeing the Beach Boys Band at the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown was a dose of nostalgia I'd been looking forward to and what a superb tribute act it was, immortalising the sound I remembered from my youth.

A few well-positioned palm trees and short-sleeved, stripy shirts put us in California, and when mixed with 'Fun, Fun, Fun,’ The Beach Boys Band plunged everyone straight into the depths of iconic songs. Vocal harmonies were spot on and a little narrative between the songs gave some of the history of the music.

'Help Me Rhonda,'  'Don't Worry Baby,' 'I Can Hear Music,' 'God Only Knows,' 'California Girls,' 'Surfin' USA,' were easy to join in with and when it came to 'Barbara Ann,' the energetic and entertaining lead singer got men and women harmonising on the chorus lines.

Singing is one thing the Barrington audiences are good at, but getting bums off seats isn't so easy, yet The Beach Boys Band managed it with some success. The dancers surfed through the songs in the ailses and after 'California Girls,’ it was discovered that there was a California girl in the audience.

Classic Beach Boys’ covers 'Johnny B Goode' (Chuck Berry) and 'Wipe Out' (The Surfaris) really rocked and the drumming on the latter was exceptional - I can still hear it now.

Hawaiian shirts made an appearance in the second half bringing with them ‘Good Vibrations’ and another dose of ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ as one of the encores.

If you want a night of music to lift your spirits and get you dancing, you won't go far wrong with The Beach Boys Band.

"I've seen the real Beach Boys 3 times... you guys are better than them!" (Paula from Cornwall)